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User-friendly functionalities
User-friendly functionalities

One exam software for all your tests and exams is suitable for all classes from math tests online to quizzes in one place. Institutes can use this software for staff pre-hiring, teacher evaluation, or student admission tests as well

Centralised administration portal
Centralized administration portal

Bonsai provides a centralized dashboard to manage all the tests quizzes and assessments. You can create profiles for multiple profiles that to based on designation such as students, teachers admins etc. main admin will get to assign responsibilities to each profile.

User-friendly functionalities
User-friendly functionalities

create online tests using multiple functionalities, create math tests online by adding diagrams, equations, MCQs, image type, maths type, and chemistry equation questions easily. You can create mock tests, to give first-hand experience on the exam software. We can Upload questions and papers in Word format and students can take tests anywhere in the world

Flexible working online
Flexible to work online & offline on test results and insights

Upload the offline test result in Excel to the Exam Assessment platform and get a detailed analysis for both online and offline test takers. It can give you reports after completing each test immediately. Get an examination to assist you in comprehending the ideas you're having trouble with and offer advice on how to make them better.

Adaptive testing algorithm
Adaptive testing algorithm with all device support

As mobile device consumers are increasing we support all devices, you can use any device, whether it be a mobile, desktop, or tablet, for taking tests but the platform works smoothly and flexibly By providing study materials in the form of reading content and video sharing, you can improve your students' understanding.

Adaptive Testing Methodology
Adaptive Testing Methodology

Adaptive Testing Method will help you ensure that student results test result are an accurate reflection of the student's knowledge, An adaptive scoring system examines each response provided by the students and calculates the appropriate level of difficulty for a question. You can upload study materials in the form of reading content and video sharing, you can improve your students' understanding.

Who Use Bonsai



Create tests or comprehensive exams for your students. Share tests with the public or particular students you will get customizable options.

The auto-grading facility will save time and help to concentrate on other work.



Online training and assessment tests will ensure staff will get up to date with technology and the right skills.

The reporting and analyses allow you to track participation and progress.



It will be very helpful to write as more people E-learning is growing more, you get complete privacy toward your results.

It will help in competitive exams and you will get a detailed review of your results.

Why choose Bonsai?

Online learners are increasing day by day and educational institutes are switching their learning system to online which means the assessment system also goes to remote. For each education institute Creating one online assessment test and maintaining is challenging Time-consuming and it will take a lot of resources such as hiring a software development team and testing team to check and fix the bugs. But now schools/ colleges don’t have to worry about creating online testing from scratch they can create tests themself from drag and drop feature without any developer support.

The Bonsai support team can guide you in creating quiz-making and creating exams and automating your exam process online. Bonsai will provide sophisticated user-friendly online tests for our customers to help automate their examination process completely. This application creates profile pages for each member of each faculty there will be different profiles to check student activities.

What Our Customers are saying about us?

Sarah Thompson

St. John's School

Our school implemented the Bonsai online examination system, which has completely changed the game. Exam administration is made simpler by the cloud-based system, which also lowers resource costs and paperwork. The anti-cheating technology provides a secure environment, and we can customize assessments to meet our needs thanks to the platform's flexibility. The flexibility of mobile testing is appreciated by our students. Additionally, the support staff responds quickly to any technical problems. In general, it is easy to use and ideal for educational institutions.

David Patel

Maplewood Academy
IT Administrator

Bonsai's online exam software has revolutionized how we administer tests. It is ideal for our school because it efficiently manages many students simultaneously. The AI-integrated security features guarantee an environment free of cheating. We adore how simple it is to manage question banks and configure exams. It even takes into account various languages and time zones to ensure fairness. In cases of technical glitches, the live chat support is a lifesaver. It has significantly streamlined our examination process and is mobile-friendly. recommended for use in schools!


The online examination software is a smart technology created to automate the assessment project. Be it creating or conducting tests, this online examination system covers it all.

It is computer-based software that is directly integrated with the Learning Management system. It helps reduce the need for resources like question papers and answer scripts.

The key features of Online Exam Software are:
  • Cloud-based system
  • Anti-cheating technology
  • Easy exam configuration
  • Exam Scheduling and Planning
  • Customizable Platform
  • Question Bank Management
  • Mobile Testing Capabilities
  • The online exam software is ideal for creating assessments for any industry or sector.

    The AI integrated into the online exam software provides a secure and reliable monitoring mechanism that allows you to monitor and review student’s exams remotely.

    The online exam software can easily handle large-scale exams with a large pool of participants.

    The online exam software is user-friendly, and teachers and students can use it smoothly.

    Yes, this software can handle many different languages and time zones.

    Students facing technical issues during an online exam can ask the proctor for help via live chat. If unsatisfied, they can also get help from the support team.

    Yes, this software is accessible on many devices; students can take online exams on their mobile devices using a browser.

    Yes, trial or demo sessions are provided for online exam software.

    Bonsai is a powerful Online Exam Software

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