Productive platform for School Management.

The Bonsai school management platform will organize and streamline the operations, organize, and record academic and administrative tasks in one platform.

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School Management Software

Streamline your IT Infrastructure.

Simplify school operations and workflow with a student management platform. Bonsai student management platform Manage many different tasks, administration tasks, and student records, collecting fees, parents communication with a customized platform with a seamless experience.

Focuses on administrative & operational tasks. Enhance the process & student learning experience with bonsai school management system.
Bonsai school management system simplifies the admission process for potential candidates, making the entire admission process without any hassle.
Billings &
Bonsai student management system makes billing & payment integration smooth & without any delays in collecting fees & payments.
Bonsai student management system provide an easy communication platform for students, parents, and teachers to communicate with each other.
Academic IMS
Enhance student learning skills with virtual learning & advanced learning methods to engaging learning for students with classroom management software.
Transportation Management
Manage students' transport records and avoid the hassle with a dedicated feature to track each student's records.
Internship &
Bonsai school management system assemble internships & thesis managing the student development with a dedicated model.
Surveys &
Bonsai classroom management software Improve student & staff engagement & learning experience with constructive feedback.
Library &
Manage all your resources by making them easy to find & efficient for managing learning resources
Connect & streamline school management software with other third-party integrations with bonsai school management software.
Provide efficiency to students with student & parent's dedicated access to platforms for the latest updates & notifications.
Streamline learning academic operations with an integrated solution to manage student lifecycle.

As a result, if you are seeking an ERP system designed specifically for educational institutions, you need to look no further than our School Software Management software.

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What Our Customers are saying about us?

Jacob Stanley

Head of Department

Rainbow School

Thanks to you for creating such a valuable resource for school administration works! Ever since we started using school management software, it has eased our day-to-day tasks significantly. The software sped up our managerial tasks and helped us bring better control over resources. We’re delighted with this school management software, as the support team is also helpful to us!

Khushi Mishra

Head of Department

Navodaya Vidya Mandir

I can’t express our gratitude for installing school management software inside our organization. It has revolutionized the way we operate! Before installing the software, it was hard to manage student data manually with Excel spreadsheets. The software had saved countless hours of manual recording! Students and their parents are also happy with the school management software.


School Management Software (SMS) is software designed to handle the regular activities of schools like recording student information, attendance tracking, recording academic records (writing grades), and carrying out administrative tasks.

The key features of school management software include making an entry for student admissions, recording their academic results, automating repetitive tasks like notifications, timetables, records, etc., and assigning different role permissions to users such as teachers, parents, students, administrators, etc. inside the software.

School management software systems assure better student-teacher collaboration, reduce administrative burden, increase organizational productivity, and save time and money.

Ideally, school management software is made to handle school-related activities. However, it can also be used in similar kinds of educational institutions like sports academies, music schools, dance academies, etc.

The data stored in school management software is highly secured. It also offers multiple backups of data, so there is zero to no chance of data loss.

Yes, school management software has a very simple interface, is reliable and user-friendly and one can easily access it.

Yes, school management software provides student access as well as parental access.

Yes, school management software can accommodate the increasing number of student records inside a school organization.

School management software helps customers fix bugs and issues. It responds to the user’s questions and provides support whenever necessary.

Yes, school management software generates detailed reports based on metrics such as student academic performance, attendance, fees, and more.

Yes, trial and demo sessions are provided for school management software.
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