How to choose the right mobile app development platform: iOS vs Android

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How to choose the right mobile app development platform iOS vs Android

Choosing between an Android and iOS mobile app development company becomes tricky as both have adequate demand in the market with just the right features to cater to the customers’ needs. However, take a closer look into the market and the perceptions of the audience. We can draw a vivid conclusion that iOS app development is ruling above all with its extraordinary traits and unique software and settings, making it stand out from the crowd. 

Now, this very decision will enable people to choose; however, in India, most prefer to use the Android phone over iOS for many reasons except for affordability, such as battery life. Relax back and read this post if you’re still having problems choosing between the two; we’ve got you covered. For further information, continue reading.

Whom to pick between iOS and Android

If you are planning to choose a mobile app development company, choosing between Android and iOS app development is a significant task you need to go ahead with. However, choosing gets much more challenging as you need to comprehend many aspects, as seen among Android and iOS users in India. However, in order to make your task much easier, we have included a few key characteristics that you can examine to understand what best fits you. 

Choosing between Android and iOS app development becomes a task as both are very well-versed, making it much more complicated to pick from. Most importantly, it would help to focus on who will have the most impact and to what extent the target audience will enjoy the benefits. 

Now, the audience is the one who will make the difference between what you choose, be it Android app development or iOS. You need to draw a plan for who will use your app development and a rough figure of the percentage. If you believe with all your research that Android users will benefit the most from your service as they are huge in percentage, then you can go for it with the flow.

When planning to build a Mobile App Development Platform, the second most significant thing is to comprehend how much you will financially deploy on that particular project. Also, evaluate both types, i.e., Android and iOS. Now, considering iOS might cost much more than Android app development, proprietary programming languages and stringent design guidelines make a nice difference in the investment pattern. 

So now comes deciding on what and how many features you will build in your mobile app development platform, as the functionality differs between iOS and Android. Moreover, a few features work better on iOS, and others work better on Android, and this is where you can understand performance expectations, which makes your decision a bit tougher; however, you can deliberately comprehend the things to work on. 

Navigating market trends and monetization strategies

Market trends and monetization are crucial in determining iOS and Android app development. Suppose you want to enhance your revenue through various traits, such as purchase or subscription fees. In that case, your audience is iOS users, and you can provide exciting offers that prompt them to use them effectively. If your business model aligns with the ad-based strategies, your target audience should be Android users. These strategies can be used to choose your users. 

Overall, a mobile app development company will take time to determine its target audience and evaluate all the traits mentioned above, as nothing happens overnight. Nevertheless, to make your development aspect much simpler and more accessible with Bonsai Solutions. We have designed the above traits to help you overcome all the challenges better before deciding on them. 

Q: Who should be my target audience? Android users or iOS users

Well! Both aspects have unique and predominant strengths that will help your business grow someday. However, it entirely depends on your research pattern, as you discover a lot of significant traits concerning revenue, programs, and more. So in the end, you will have to decide, considering all the favorable factors. 

Q: Why do people choose Android app development over iOS?

There are several reasons why most companies choose Android over iOS, and two significant reasons are: 

Huge target audience 

Those who use Android phones in India are a significant target market due to factors such as battery life, affordability, and compatibility. 


To develop an iOS application, a company has to deploy a considerable lump sum amount, which can get complex for some.

While keeping these two conditions in mind, many people choose Android over iOS. 

Q: As a startup, can I choose IOS app development?

Suppose you are someone who has generated adequate funds to cater to proprietary programming languages and stringent design guidelines. In that scenario, there is no question you should choose iOS; however, if money is tight, Android app development is the best and most effective choice.