Top On Page Seo Techniques For Drive Traffic

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Top On Page Seo Techniques For Drive Traffic

We have all heard of SEO (search engine optimization); this term is an essential and fundamental requirement for all writers, blog posts, and content creators.

Explaining SEO involves optimising your website in the Google search for higher visibility. It is obvious that if you are familiar with the rankings on Google, you will grab a larger audience with your original content. SEO includes the optimization of some basic on page seo techniques so that your website can rank well according to Google’s algorithm. SEO makes it easy for your website to rank well by making it visible to humans and Google bots.

For improving SEO, there are tons of methods available. Still, in this blog by Bonsai Solutions, we will look at some efficient and simple on-page search engine optimization techniques for attracting a more engaged audience. All these on page SEO techniques will help you improve your blog content and drive maximum traffic to your website.

Top 7 Methods For On Page SEO

Below are the 7 methods for effective on page search engine optimization that are essential for any website to rank well. Implement these on page seo techniques and enjoy the result.

Attentive towards featured snippets

This SEO method is a low-effort on page search engine optimization technique you can apply to your blog to observe the snippets featured at the top of the Google search results. They are for the audience to get the results as soon as possible, but they also help promote relevant content. From those observed keywords, identify appropriate keywords, and then try to infuse them with your content naturally without creating any complexity. Also, for a better result, use structured data, which will make it convenient for the search engines to understand your content so that it can be featured in the upcoming featured snippets on Google.

Focus on long-tail keywords

Focus on long-tail keywords

Using a long tail keyword will help you gain higher search intent. Long tail keywords justify the exact searches that the user is searching for. For attaching long tail keywords, you need to understand a few basic things:

All of the topics you can cover in your blog should be researched and analyzed.

Use applications to research the best working keywords that you can use in the title.

Choose keywords not quantity-wise but quality-wise.

Try writing relative, helpful, and valuable content for the audience.

Use keywords in headings and subheadings

Using keywords in the description, headings, and subheadings is the best way to maximize keywords. Check that it appears natural and relevant to the blog post. Also, please don’t make the descriptions and headings complex; keep them simple and observe high on page search engine optimization. One thing that you have to understand is that you should always take your time with keywords. If you use the exact keywords in a row, your blog post will likely be categorized in the spam section, all thanks to Google bots.

Monitor your competitors

The most important on page seo techniques is analyzing your competition. Determine your SEO competitors in your opposite business or niche to learn what you can do better. Kindly observe their patterns and strategies to tackle their potential and highlight your working areas. One thing you can do for on page search engine optimization is to take notes from the website that appears at the top when you search your keywords.

Pass core web vitals

Pass core web vitals

To make your work easy, use this on page seo techniques that passes the metrics of CWV and core web vitals. CWV includes three simple stages that your blog post needs to pass to drive more traffic:

Loading speed means how fast your page appears to interact with the user.

Interactivity: interactivity describes how long your user takes to interact with your content and website.

Visual stability: You can understand the meaning from the name itself; that is how stable your page elements are. Make sure none of the elements or layout shifts unexpectedly.

Give these three passes top priority while concentrating on your layouts and page speed optimization. Also, design your blog attractively to increase interactivity with the audience.

Work on quality content

The quest for good and valuable content never ends. So, make sure you are satisfying the cravings of the audience. No matter how cleverly you mix SEO on-page optimization with your subpar content, it will only last a short while. Having high-quality content is essential to making your blog post stand out. Dig deeper to plant originality in your writings and use highly researched, relative, and accurate content for your audience. Also, stay within your topic. Make sure you satisfy the title and all the questions related to what your user is looking for.

Understand EAT principle

Last, we must use this technique for on page search engine optimization, which is the EAT principle. EAT describes three simple terms: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. To meet all these characteristics, ensure your content contains precious and informative work. Also, write accurate and trustworthy content to ensure your visitors are satisfied with your website. By applying the EAT principle, you can increase the amount of traffic to your website and raise its ranking.


All these methods are simple yet highly effective. Use them in your work to improve outcomes. Although SEO on page optimization could be quicker, it will aid in long-term audience and client acquisition. Connect with Bonsai Solutions and get the best on page SEO optimization services for your business website.


1. Are on-page and off-page SEO different things?

Yes, on-page and off-page SEO are two different terms.

2. What are SEO on page optimization techniques?

This term defines a simple technique to optimize the various elements of your content so it can rank well and bring maximum traffic to the website.

3. How much traffic does SEO drive?

1000 times more traffic on page seo optimization can drive if you utilize it ideally.

4. What is meant by SEO on page optimization tools?

Some tools exist that understand the potential of your content to ensure that your website can rank well.

5. What are backlinks in SEO on page optimization, and how does it work?

Simply put, backlinks are the links that are embedded in the text and redirect the audience to the other website.